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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my group sell Bedré Fine Chocolate as a fundraiser?

Please call 1-800-367-5390 for a fundraising distributor in your area.

Where does the cocoa in your chocolate come from?

Like most of the commercial chocolate produced worldwide, we use cocoa originally grown in Central America and North Africa.

What's the connection between Native Americans and chocolate?

Chocolate was originally cultivated by the indigenous people of Central America before being exported to Europe in the 16th century. Today, the Chickasaw Nation is the only Native American tribe to manufacture chocolates.

Where can I buy Bedré Fine Chocolate?

Aside from our website, Bedré Fine Chocolate is available from the Bedré Fine Chocolate retail (now located in Sovereign Pharmacy Solutions and Fine Gifts) in Ada, OK, and Bedré Fine Chocolate retail located in Davis, OK, as well as Chickasaw Travel Stops (CTS). Bedré Fine Chocolate is sold nationwide, and we also offer wholesale distribution. Please call 1-800-367-5390 for store locations.

What sort of quality management do you have for your manufacturing process?

Bedré Chocolate is ISO 9001:Certified, an internationally recognized and globally respected standard for our quality management system. Bedré Chocolate is also a member of the Oklahoma Minority Supplier Development Council. ASI Food Safety Consultants performs annual Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP verification audits to assure continued compliance to regulatory and food safety guidelines.

How is Bedré Fine Chocolate shipped?

Our orders are shipped securely with insulation and ice packs in regards to climate and temperature.


Bedré simply means better & the name says it all.
Our chocolate is made from only the finest ingredients.

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